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Parvarish- Effective Parenting

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Effective Parenting In 21st Century

In today’s emerging world of 21st century, Parents are facing
biggest challenge of parenting. And the challenge is to accept that we are
facing a world that is very different from the one we grew up in. 21st century
introduces us a new world i.e., Digital world. Where machines are getting more
intelligent and powerful than ever in the history of human mankind. 

Today kids can operate smartphones and computers long before they
can ever read but many of their most basics need remains same since the dawn of
The latest technology that helps parents and peers stay
connected to their children also means new risk. for example- Cyberbullying and
a lot more connected. Children and adolescents
are increasingly pushed to do more, and they are reporting higher levels of
stress and less sleep. 

As a parent we need to
recognize that although are far more technologically advanced than they were
just two decades ago, their emotional needs have stayed relatively the same but
they have had many of the same need for generations. If you want to improve
your parenting skills in this fast paced culture but are not sure where to

I’m here to help you do just
that —–

 For your Child bright future ,To Guide your Child in a better
way, To explain your child how to keep his first step perfect ,how to make good
friends in a new place, ethics, etc.


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