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Guide Your MInd

Guide Your Mind

A mind training program through N.L.P technique for relief in their issues related to personal, professional, family and social life.

Why this program is important for you ?

Our Mind and Brain are  similar but not the same.  A simplistic approach is to think of a Brain as an organ and the Mind as the representation of of your thoughts and emotion, Brain is like the hardware and Mind is like the software. As Computer required hardware to perform it’s function and hardware needs software to make it run. Brain and Mind also work in same fashion. Basically, Brain is a physical place where mind resides.  Nervous system is the most important system of human body. As we all know from studies & research Brain exclusively controls the mind, and that the mind serves only the individual self.

Napoleon Hill, a author of International best seller book.- The law of successThink and grow richHow to raise your salary and many more. According to him, Mind can be shared with others and that these Inter-personal neural networks can in fact shape the Brain, and he termed this process of changing the shape of the brain influenced by other brain as “Mastermind Technique”. This technique was also used by the Jesus christ in ancient time ( Mentioned in the book of The law of success) and also used in many field consciously or subconsciously where a group of like or unlike minded peoples seat or hangout together with a common goal, This develops a covalent bond among themselves which helps them to achieve any height of success.

So, Do you want to achieve that success If yes then,  Let’s meet together at my dynamic & life changing training Program with a common goal. 

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Alight Learning Center, Tagore Nagar, Raipur, Chattisgarh

4 Sessions per month

RS. 12000/- (All 4 session )

1.       Personality Development.

2.      Improvement in Relations.

3.      Improvement in Confidence.

4.      Remove depression from your life.

5.      Able to face different situation easily.

6.      Solution for every problem.

7.    Increase their income source if problem is related to their business.


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