EAGLE – Training for growth

Business & Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Mentor

Eagle training for growth

Eagle - Training for growth

Exclusive Business Leadership workshop for Business growth, Systematic & On-Time works, More Sale- More Profit, Increase in turnover, etc..

Why Business Leadership Training Is Important?

Business leadership workshop plays a vital role in developing Leadership quality. Whole Organisation is dependent on leaders, To strengthen  your team and improve your business relationships., It is important to have effective leaders that can set goals, inspire others, and guide an organisation to sustainable success and to be consistent with the visions, values and strategies.

If you can turn your leadership  skill into  a reflexive skill like  “Driving a car”, it will serve you through  the long term. Business leadership workshop  bridges the gap between the type of organisational culture leaders think they are creating and the type of culture they want to create.

By Introducing leadership and management training programs leaders will receive feedback just as important as knowing and understanding their weakness.

Learn by analysing famous leaders  from our case studies provided  in the workshop and become a real leader  that your organisation needs.

Alight Learning Center, Tagore Nagar, Raipur, Chattisgarh

5 Sessions Program- (once in a Week) 

11000/- (Including Breakfast, Worksheet, Training Material, Support)

1.      Management Principals (MNC)

2.      Fellowship & Business Network

3.      Training Material & Worksheet

4.      App of the Day


5.      Book of the Day



6.      Action Plan